Zarlif Arya's Policy

Zarlif Aria Complex is committed to producing all kinds of polyester fiber products needed by the textile industry, compatible and coordinated with the demands of our dear customers and in accordance with international standards, throughout the Islamic homeland and beyond the borders, relying on efficient human resources. , knowledgable and capable and use the latest information and technical knowledge to achieve an acceptable and increasing level of productivity in all production factors. Therefore, the management system of this complex is created and maintained with emphasis on the following points. be made

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization by carrying out strategic planning and defining the goals of the organization, and pursuing the realization of goals through effective strategies and identifying risks and opportunities with the cooperation of employees, business partners and suppliers.
Identifying and ensuring the understanding of the needs and expectations of customers and striving to produce superior products with world-class standards in order to satisfy them with the company’s products and services.

Innovation and development of products and equipment through the identification of synergy opportunities in domestic capacities with scientific, research and academic centers inside and outside the country based on market measurement and market making with the approach of using superior technologies.
The qualitative development of human resources, information systems, communication and work procedures by implementing continuous and targeted trainings in line with the excellence of human resources and processes and maintaining and improving the level of health of employees and minimizing all factors that cause accidents and hazards.
Adhering to quality, environmental and occupational health and safety regulations in accordance with national regulations and laws and making an all-out effort to optimally use natural resources and prevent pollution and unwanted consequences, in order to prevent non-compliance, by identifying and eliminating the causes and roots. .
The goals of the company are measured using key indicators of the process and the extent of their achievement is continuously evaluated, and based on this, the necessary plans for corrective, preventive and improvement measures are prepared. The results of the evaluation of the realization of goals are considered and emphasized in the management review.