Our Products

A completed basket of all kinds of polyester fibers

الیاف کاتن تایپ ویرجین

Cotton type staple fiber

by 1.4 Denier in different colors and cut lengths

2- الیاف هالو ریسایکل و ویرجین

Hollow fiber in recycle and virgin material by variety deniers and cut lengths

Solid Staple fiber

in different Denier from 2 to up by variety colors and cut lengths

الیاف میکرو

Micro fiber in virgin

Micro fiber in virgin material by fine denier and different cut lengths

Our strategies

Export Sales

To export: all of PET CT staple fiber markets in variety countries like Turkey, Russia, Iraq and etc

Domestic Sales

  • To Supply CT fiber in spinning ring /O.E systems.
  • Best technical service to all of customers.
  • To supply CT fiber in spun less and non-woven sheets.
  • To supply Hollow fiber in different end-use like nonwoven, furniture, bedding, clothes. And etc.
  • To supply solid fiber in different user factories. Such as: floor cover, carpet, blanket, nonwoven sheets and geotextile.

Our customers

Spinning Process Include Ring/O.E/air Jet for Cotton Type Fiber

Spun yarn process
included Ring/OE/AJ systems.
Nonwoven sheets Process
included Air jet, water jet, Needle punch, thermo-fused and etc.
Furniture and home textile
Cloth industrial
Bedding industrial
Geotextile and underground coverage.
Carpet, Blanket, floor coverage and man-made leather

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